Ruben Olvera was born and raised in the city of San Ysidro, a district of San Diego immediately north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Like many in the area, he grew up in a bustling Catholic household, where conservative views on life, love and marriage left him feeling creatively stifled. Luckily, he was able to find an escape in the arts, pursuing passions for filmmaking, choral singing and acting throughout his early education.

After graduating high school, he attended California State University Northridge where he stumbled upon the art form that would become his true love—documentary filmmaking and editing.

Through the genre, he’s grappled with life’s big questions, examining not only his struggles with his sexual identity, but also how he began to reinvent his own morals free from the influence of family.

When he’s not exploring these topics in his personal work, he helps coordinate media and projects for reality TV, dabbles in freelance video editing and sings with the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus.